Are you representing an Association that would like to join the WFIS? Membership is only available to Associations, not individuals.
Associations must be Independent, that is, not belonging to any other World Organization and they must practice and adhere to "Traditional Scouting Principles", scouting as defined by the Founder Lord Baden-Powell and written in his book "Scouting for Boys".
These are the requirements for joining us:

Membership in the World Federation of Independent Scouts is open to all Scout Associations which fulfill the requirements for membership. Authority to give such membership is via the World Council through the Regional Councils.
More than one Scout Association per country may be members of the World Federation of Independent Scouts, however, as of October 2019, they must request a letter of recommendation from any existing full member of WFIS in that country. A Federation made up of several independent Scouting associations may apply for membership where the Federation takes overall charge of all its member Associations and where the Federation is led by one committee, with one chief.
Membership of an independent Scouting Association in the World Federation of Independent Scouts requires:
(a) Establishment of its legal entity and evidence of its operation, either nationally or regionally.
(b) Having a minimum of two operating Groups.
(c) Adoption and adherence to the Aim and Mission of the WFIS as laid down in the POR.
(d) Membership to be open to all Associations which agree to conform to the purpose, principles and method of the independent Scouting Movement.
(e) Maintenance of the Organisation as an independent, non-political, voluntary movement.
(f) Registration with the World Council, via the Regional Council.
(g) Regular payment of its registration fees.
(h) Notification to the Regional Council of any changes to its Constitution.
(i) Member associations should follow B-P’s original programme as laid out in ‘Scouting For Boys’. B-P’s original programme may be modernised for health, safety, first-aid, camping standards, and environmental reasons.

Email us if you would like to receive an application for membership.